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                             What is a chakra?

The Chakras, first mentioned in the ancient Vedas, the Hindu books of knowledge, is the name given to the seven main energy centers of our body.

These swirling vortexes of energy regulate the energy flow throughout our bodies. These centres open and shut depending on what we are feeling and thinking.

Chakras are not physical objects that can be seen, but they are an integral part of our life force keeping our whole mind and body working together.

They are located at different points throughout the physical body and are associated with particular parts of the body.

Every sense, feeling and experience is connected to a specific chakra.
When you are stressed about something, the chakra itself can become unbalancingd and this manifests itself as illness in your physical body.

For your mind, emotions and physical body to be working together in total harmony, the chakras need to be spinning at the correct frequency.

To become healthy again, or to maintain a healthy balance or your chakra energy, the individual chakras need to be balanced from time to time.

What Is Chakra Meditation Healing?

The Chakra Energy of the individual Chakras can be balanced and cleansed using many methods, but nothing has been found to be more effective than our unique combination of cutting edge technologies, which enables anyone to quickly and easily finely tune, balancing and cleansing each chakra instantly!

 In the past without this breakthrough chakra meditation audio technology  it would have required many years of studying to be able to achieve the same results.

Having a perfectly balanced chakra energy system will have an amazing effect on all aspects of your life. For the first time possibly in years you will feel totally alive and able to cope with everything life may bring you!

To start with, you should be aware that each chakra has an associated frequency vibration, and each time you listen to this particular frequency the corresponding chakra is stimulated.

These natural frequencies which the individual chakra resonate at,  have recently been analysed and synthesised by scientists in the laboratory using cutting edge Binaural technology.

Just by listening on headphones to these special frequencies your own chakra system starts to resonate at those same frequencies, realigning and finely tuning and balancing them.

In our special package you are given all of these individual frequencies as MP3's for you to listen whenever you wish to.

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Root Chakra meditation
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Sacral Chakra meditation balancing

Solar Plexus Chakra meditation balancing  Frequency

Heart Chakra meditation balancing  Frequency

Throat Chakra meditation balancing   Frequency

Third Eye Chakra meditation balancing  Frequency

Crown Chakra meditation balancing  Frequency


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Complete Chakra meditation cleansing & balancing Workout Volume 2


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Remember just a few years ago
 without this breakthrough chakra meditation audio technology, it would have been impossible to achieve a totally balanced chakra energy system unless you spent many years
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These superb recordings give you
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Complete Chakra meditation cleansing & balancing Workout Volume 9

Frequency Session 

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Remember just a few years ago without this breakthrough chakra meditation audio technology, it  would have been impossible to achieve a totally balanced chakra energy system unless you spent many years of  study.


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Is Reiki Balance Suitable For Everyone? The seven chakras is a reference to the seven energy centers in the body. The archaic Sanskrit word which means 'wheel' is the literal translation of 'chakra'. Located within the ethereal body of humans, these are the energy centers where the energies are received and transmitted.Making use of chakra clearing to assist you.

The sensation that you experience when you hear your country's national anthem, watch your country win a gold medal or watch your best friend get married, are the workings of the Base chakra.When is the best time for chakra clearing?

The Heart chakra can be balanced with the help of drumming which helps in achieving harmony. The drum rhythms have an affect on our heart, according to the researchers. The heart pulses may augment in speed or slow down or frequently entrain with the pulses of the drum rhythm until they are locked in ideal synchronization chakra clearing. You may give a try to other things to achieve harmony such as belly dancing, a hula hoop, pelvic thrusts, etc. Our chakras can be balanced by these ways as well.

What exactly is chakra clearing? Following on from the Muladhar and Swadhisthana chakras for group power and power of self in relation to others, the third to compete the trilogy is that of the Manipura Chakra standing for the personal power or the concept of self.

Including chakra clearing to help you. After the completion of the self trilogy, we come to that point where the self in its body meets the spirit. The center to the 7 chakras, the Anahata Chakra is referred to as the power house center of humans and represents complex emotions towards spirituality.

The harmonious functioning of the chakras become unbalanced for various reasons such as, illness, toxic exposure, stress, an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise as well as childhood traumas, emotional injuries, an inability to express emotions, beliefs incongruent with Truth, cultural conditioning, and so on chakra clearing.

With chakra balancing using chakra clearing the following is what you need to do. The Vishuddha chakra represents the power of will. A pale blue or turquoise lotus with 16 petals, it is situated adjacent to the thyroid gland of the throat and stands for growth, self expression, exchanging information and maturation.

Starting from energizing physically with the warmth of the practitioner's palms, to using Reiki symbols to provide heightened intervention in diseased spots, Reiki Chakra Balancing is performed in various levels. The healee senses a tingling sensation in the area targeted and mystical Reiki symbols are drawn and concentrated upon for transmitting energy and balancing the chakra where a serious injury or disease has occurred chakra clearing. One can also heal by placing his palms on the affected areas for varied lengths of time and this is known as localized treatment.

The last of the 7 Chakra is the Sahasrara Chakra of pure consciousness. A vivid violet lotus with a 1,000 petals, it is situated at the top of your head and represents the last spiritual journey of humans in realizing the ultimate truth.when attempting chakra clearing this should be looked at

Getting to grips with chakra clearing. It is through the Sahasrara chakra that an person gains information about the ultimate and final universal truth and realizes the eternal life and supremacy of his soul experiencing great peace and joy.

The seven chakras are the root, navel and solar plexus chakras, the heart, throat, and brow and crown chakras. The receiving and transmitting of energy from the surroundings, the individuals involved and other essential surrounding elements involves these chakra points. The mystical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, corporeal and psychological issues of an individual are influenced by the activity of the chakras. Applying chakra clearing.

Irrespective of your awareness, the chakras are in constant motion. This continuous flow of energy influences the major structure, appearance, physical disorders, glandular processes as well as our thoughts and deeds. However, if one of the chakra shows a malfunction or imbalance in its system, then it is bound to develop symptoms in other areas too. If you are going to try chakra clearing this should be looked at.

In attempting Chakra Balancing for the Sahasrara chakra start by breathing in and visualizing the violet lotus with a thousand petals. Regular prayer and devotion helps to balance this chakra and stones like amethyst, Oregon opal or clear quartz can also be used for the purpose. Have a constant feeling of gratitude and thank the universe for what you have and what you will receive in future to balance the energy of this chakra.

When using chakra clearing this is advised.It is extremely important to attempt to maintain Chakra balance by using the above as a starting part. It is important that you realize all major illnesses are related to one of the seven main chakras. There may not be physical evidence yet of the illness, but emotions or worries from past events in our lives may still effect us today emotionally as well as spiritually.

Modern science has brought us many terrific things, but at the same time has had some unintentional negative consequences � one of these is that the spiritual needs of people have become either secondary or completely forgotten. Hindu philosophy has not neglected the inner life however and keeps spiritual awareness live even in a rapidly more technologically advanced world chakra clearing.

Bad emotions release toxins all the way down to the cellular level. This is why it is important to eliminate bad emotions and being healing yourself with chakra.How the chakra clearing method be attempted?

Reiki Training is a simple process. It is not taught commonly chakra clearing. This training can only happen in a Reiki class where the training or the ability to perform Reiki is transferred from the teacher to the student in similar fashion like Reiki healing chakra clearing. The ability to tap into the infinite life force energy or an attunement is transferred from the teacher to the recipient chakra clearing.

When should the chakra clearing technique be attempted? It is important that you understand that you can control your Chakras and also that you can directly influence each and everyone of your Chakras as well as their functions. You can do this by using an array of techniques such as Reiki healing, aromatherapy, color therapy, chakra balancing with the aid of a pendulum, crystals or gemstones.

There are various methods of chakra healing. These include focusing the mind on awareness or thought or even an object for a particular amount of time, the use of CDs or audio tapes of a guided visualization that will enhance natural healing and relaxation techniques to reduce the influence of stress while channeling the power of the mind and relaxation. If you are going to try chakra clearing this should first be attempted.

Balancing with use of hands or a Pendulum, Yoga, Affirmations, Aroma therapy, Physical exercises, Meditation, Reiki healing, Color therapy, Guided visualization, Aromatherapy, Positive thinking, Conscious breathing.

Should you believe chakra clearing? The body needs nutrition in order for there to be balance of the chakras and the pleasure of good health. There are particular foods that aid in maintaining the balance of each of the seven chakras.

Being a container of energy, our bodies continually release and dispose of all spent energy through the various organs of our bodies and then stocks up on new supplies of energy.

What exactly is chakra clearing? The chakra of the heart functions the best when eating leafy vegetables like cabbage and also drinking green tea. The throat chakra desires that you drink lots of water and juices like apple juice, grape juice, and even orange juice!

If the chakras themselves become unbalanced, this means that the body itself becomes unbalanced, too, which harms the overall health and performance of the body chakra clearing. Because of this, chakra balancing is necessary to having a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Using chakra clearing to help transform your life. Our focal point of the spiritual awakening is the crown of the head which requires a good detoxification. This is done by regular inhalation of herbs and incense and rituals such as fasting.

For astral projection using chakra clearing this is what you must do.The process of Reiki is non incisive procedure and it specially deals with a focus on the higher levels of self procurement. It can be termed as a general way to promote health. When this Reiki achieves for you a balanced life, you get to enjoy the whole level of wellness from the mind, body and spirit.

An understanding of chakra clearing. The compassionate desire to heal another is part of Reiki healing process, but the ultimate goal is to pass the positive energy that can improve your emotional and physical health.

When applying chakra clearingAfter introducing Reiki an individual may experience an immediate response in health benefits. As the physical influence of Reiki healing become apparent, may people can feel the healing within them.

Our body is a natural reservoir of universal energy, with "used" energy being cleared out of the body by our internal organs and replenished by fresh energy entering through our Chakras chakra clearing.

If you are going to try chakra clearing this is advised.They are often surprised at feeling less stress and tension and are better able to rest while sleeping. This increases an overall sense of healing within the body. Blood pressure can go down and pain is released from the body. During the healing process, the person may feel a full sense of energy, while the signs of illness go away.

Our chakras can influence a lot of physical processes and even the very condition of our bodies; our endocrine system, our body shape, chronic illnesses, even mental factors like our though processes and our behaviors are affected by our Chakras chakra clearing. Chakra balancing promotes good health for all aspects � body, mind and spirit by making sure that there is an internal harmony.

When using chakra clearing this is advised. Reiki healing takes place in a low lit relaxing area. There may be soft music playing, healing scents lingering to help achieve a higher state of peace and relaxation. Relaxation aids in enhancing Reiki healing experiences.

Which chakra clearing method be attempted? The person who fears modern medicine as a curse can easily trust Reiki as a healing option. This can also be accompanied with modern medicine to create an entirely peaceful approach for healing, because then there will be no worrying for lack of treatment from the mentally trusted source.

The seven chakras are said to reflect the physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological aspects of a person chakra clearing. Hence chakra tests are necessary to find out the conditions of people and their future wellbeing chakra clearing.

Should you believe chakra clearing?The very important fact to recognize is its traditionalism that it is not a new concept but an age old procedure to heal from very different angle of disease procurement through medication. Thus it should be approached with open heart and soul. Negative thoughts and feelings can actually aggravate the inhibition in the entire procedure and resist it from bringing in smooth success. Chakra Chart Chakra Cleansing Chakra Clearing Chakra Clearing Meditation Chakra Colors Chakra Colour Chart Chakra Colours Chakra Crystal Chart Chakra Crystals Chakra Define Chakra Definition Chakra Diagram Chakra Documentary Chakra Energy Chakra Energy Flow Chakra Essences Chakra Events Chakra Exercises Chakra Explained Chakra Flow Chakra Flower Essences Chakra Frequencies Chakra Frequency Chart Chakra Gems Chakra Gemstones Chakra Grounding Chakra Guide Chakra Guided Meditation

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