What is Chakra Clearing?

The Vishuddha Chakra is situated at adjacent to the thyroid gland, also known as the power of will chakra. Represented by a pale blue or a turquoise blue lotus with 16 petals, it stands for exchanging information self expression, growth and maturity. The next of the 7 chakras is the Ajna Chakra given by either an indigo or white flower with two petals.

Located in the eyebrow region, it is physically related to the pineal gland controlling the sleeping and awake states of an individual. Known as the Wisdom Chakra, it refers to the detachment of the subjective perceptions and ascending on a path of spirituality towards the completed development of one’s conscious and sub conscious psychological planes to enable a person to distinguish between truth and illusion. The highest situated of the 7 chakras is the Sahasrara Chakra represented by a thousand petalled lotus flower. This spiritually enlightened chakra represents karma being released and awareness of the full potential of man through meditation techniques. The inner aspects of the Sahasrara chakra involves meditating, release of our karma, realizing our real potential and the eternal life and omnipotence of the soul.


Maintaining the Balance of Chakra Using the above as our point of beginning, we can assume safely that the majority of our ailments and illnesses are related to our chakras. Even though there may not be enough materialization of imbalance or illness, there may yet be concerns or emotions that come from our childhood that influence us spiritually, emotionally and physically. One of the biggest causes of chakra imbalance is the repressed or forgotten emotional baggage we carry due to those past traumatic experiences. Many individuals habitually bury their bad memories into their subconscious, unaware that these emotional toxins that are buried inside them will influence their bodies on a cellular level. Therefore, it is essential to deal with emotional baggage once and for all in order to maintain a proper balancing of the chakras which ignites a healing process to begin on the physical self.

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Even know we can not actually touch or to see our chakra’s, we can help to work with each one to make our body the best it can be.

The major requirement for balancing chakras requires proper feeding of self and good health. Respective chakras have specific food items for maintaining balance and good health. The base chakra needs food that is rich in protein, spices and root type vegetables.

Nuts, vanilla, cinnamon, sweet fruits and seeds such as caraway and sesame work best in case of the sacral chakra that of our sexual being and creativity. Our stomach or solar plexus chakra on the other hand requires breads, cereals, pasta, yogurt, dairy products and spicy mints for nourishment.

The seven chakras are the root, navel and solar plexus chakras, the heart, throat, and brow and crown chakras.

The receiving and transmitting of energy from the surroundings, the individuals involved and other essential surrounding elements involves these chakra points.

The mystical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, corporeal and psychological issues of an individual are influenced by the activity of the chakras. There are many explanations about Chakras but there is one main definition that is tied in with all of the explanations. It is not known if it comes form the point of view from Chinese medicine, an individuals point of view, the study of psychology’s take on it all, where the conscious and unconscious though process is concerned or the Hindus mystical explanation.

Our emotional and spiritual center the crown chakra requires a good detoxification. This is done by ritual inhalation of herbs and incense and fasting. Detoxifying the body is beneficial to the crown chakra which is our emotional and spiritual center. This is done by the ritual inhalation of incense and herbs and by fasting. When we stimulate our chakras we directly influence our health. We move towards being more responsive and spiritual as we attune ourselves completely with our surroundings and the elements of the physical and metaphysical world in which we live.